Why Should I Consider A Staffie?

There are two reasons to consider a staffie; what you can will give to them, and what they will give to you.


What will I give a Staffie?

A future, a family and a life-line. Hundreds of thousands of Staffies and Staffie crosses are dumped or relinquished in the UK every year. This is mainly due to them being massively over-bred, sold on the internet to anyone who has the money, taken on by people as the latest “trend” without any thought about the commitment needed, and then, when the novelty wears off, they are dumped, abandoned on the street, sold on internet selling sites, handed in to rescues… This is not the fault of the dogs. This is the fault of the people.


By adopting a Staffie you will be giving them a their happy future. You will be giving them hope, and letting them know that not all people will give up on them. You will let them know that they are wanted, they are loved, and they are part of a family. Nothing makes a Staffie happier than knowing they belong, and making and seeing their people happy. By adopting a Staffie you will be saving – and changing – a life. There isn’t much more rewarding than that.


By adopting a Staffie from a rescue centre you will also be giving a lifeline to another dog who will take the space of the dog you have saved. By adopting, you save two lives, and in the process make the best friend you could ever hope for.



What will a Staffie give me?

Quite simply, Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Staffies – are wonderful companions; loyal, loving, trusting and kind friends. People who share their lives with Staffies speak of their unwavering devotion, their desire to please, their kindness, their loving natures, their loyalty, and their protectiveness and love for children.


Staffies have long been known as Nanny Dogs because of their typical love for children. They are gentle and protective, nurturing, and devoted to their human child friends. They are wrongly described as being “temperamentally ill, suited for guard or attack-dog training*". The Kennel Club description of Staffies however is - “With the human race, he is kindness itself, and his genuine love of children is well known” - this sums up the true nature of Staffies. They are described in their KC and AKC breed standards as being of indomitable courage and tenacity: highly intelligent and affectionate especially with children; possessing an off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability; they are bold, fearless, affectionate, loyal, and totally reliable**.


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