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Consider A Staffie is a campaign by fundraising charity Pounds for Poundies. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to consider adopting a rescued Staffie when they are looking for a new dog to join their family.


Pounds for Poundies raises the funds needed to help save the lives of dogs who have been abandoned and are in pounds on death row in the UK. Dogs in the UK only have 7 statutory days to be claimed or found a rescue space before they can legally be killed by lethal injection. This is the tragic end that tens upon tens of thousands of dogs endure every year in the UK. A great proportion of these dogs are Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Staffies.


Many people ask us why there are so many Staffies abandoned and on death row in pounds. The answer is simple; over-breeding and irresponsibility. They are the victim of thousands of backyard breeders, who a few years ago saw that Staffies were the latest “trend”, and started to breed them in huge numbers in the pursuit of a quick profit. Combined with the growing popularity and ease of buying and selling on line, where it is now easy to buy and sell lives, this has led to a huge surge in the numbers of Staffies being bred and sold, and, consequently, abandoned as people relinquish the commitment they made to the dog they bought, and – shamefully – abandon them on the streets, or hand them in to the pound knowing that one week later, after an agonising week of confusion, fear and worry, they will more than likely die alone and afraid, wondering what they did wrong.


Staffies are not dumped because there is anything “wrong” with them. They are dumped because there is something wrong with the people who dump them.


Our Consider A Staffie campaign aims to highlight the plight of Staffies and the joys that these wee dogs bring to the people who know and love them, in the hope that upon learning more about them and what amazing friends they are, more people will Consider A Staffie when they are looking to add a new rescue dog to their family.



'Staffies – are wonderful companions; loyal, loving, trusting and kind friends.'